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Dress: Topshop
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Temperatures are arctic, the yearly weather-related transport break-down has begun, Fairytalke New York is on loop and coffee is now served exclusively in red festive cups - its official, Christmas is here!

This year is a bit different for me as it's the first time i'll be spending  Christmas with my boyfriends family (Eeeeeek!). I know it isn't really a big deal but I can't help but feel like I'm taking that point-of-no-return step into adulthood. It also makes you realise how ritualistic Christmas day is, I've been bugging Shaun on a daily basis about the way his family do things. Do they open present in the morning or wait till the afternoon? Do they get dressed-up for Christmas lunch? Are they smoked salmon and bucks fizz for breakfast kind of people? After he grumbled the answers to me and I internally judged them I've started to realise that its not going to be like my normal Christmas at home (I mean.. we are having goose instead of turkey for God sake.. absolute sacrilege) but it will be a new experience and another year of creating our own memories and traditions as a couple.

The other thing about spending Christmas with another family is present giving and receiving. You want to get it right on both counts and have to remember that unlike your own fam other people aren't mind readers and don't necessarily know you inside out. And, not to sound ungrateful, but you also don't want to be in the position where you have to pretend you love a gift/pretend that you don't already own it. To that end I've decided to be a bit more organised and create a gift list this year. Mainly just to give inspiration to anyone i'm lucky enough to received anything from.

So firstly, as many of you may have noticed i'm somewhat obsessed with anything Astral related at the moment. Basically anything covered in stars or moons; I'm sold. Warehouse have got a beautiful selection of starry gifts which i'm hoping to find under the Christmas tree. I've selected a few items in my gift picks below but i'm particularly crushing on these Star Hoops. For more stylish jewels and monogrammed accessories check out their  Christmas gift ideas   edit.

Secondly, in an attempt to be more grown-up this year I've also for a lot "useful" house related gifts, which I haven't got around to buying because they are nice-to-haves, like this beautiful brass dressing table mirror from Trouva. Concert, theatre or comedy show tickets are also a great gift as I like to think it extends Christmas throughout the year!

Magazine subscriptions are another novel gift for any difficult-to-buy for recipients, I gave Elle Decoration to my Step-mum a few years ago, for any foodies I'd suggest Delicious Magazine and for graphic or interior design try Computer Arts or DAMN°. I've asked for a Violet magazine subscription, i'd totally recommend it to anyone who wants a little more than your average fashion magazine, it tackles iconic women, art and cinema as well as notable fashionistas.

Check out my picks below for more gifting inspiration..

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