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Whilst the past few weeks and next few months are going to be incredibly hard in so many ways, I've been trying my best to push back negative thoughts and focus on the positives of this new way of living we find ourselves in. Whilst its tricky to change our lifestyle from fast paced and busy to staying at home, slowing right down and potentially feeling like we aren't "achieving" much, we need to remember that the act of staying home is likely to be one of the most important things we will ever achieve because by doing so we are saving lives. With no commute (for the majority) and no traditional weekend actives planned, we find ourselves with a lot more time on our hands that is restricted to indoors and the adaptability of human nature to deal with this never ceases to amaze me. We've developed new routines and new ways of living, from live streaming haircuts, yoga workshops, music lessons and pub quizzes to taking up a new hobby, baking, learning to knit or learning a new language, in a couple of weeks we've all managed to make the most of this new reality and its so inspiring to see. 

For my part, as well as my own work i've been lending a hand to my Dads business by building some marketing plans to support as they try to navigate how they'll work in this environment. I've also been making my way through both my reading list and my Netflix list, catching up on much needed sleep, cooking and baking and overall trying to ret as much as I can whilst I recover from a cold. For my mental health I've actually banned myself from reading the news too often (I'm only allowed to read it once a day) which has massively helped my levels of anxiety which were sky high when the pandemic started. I've also been trying to keep a daily gratitude diary, even just thinking of things i'm grateful for as a pose to writing them down, things like having a comfortable place to self-isolate, having the technology to be able to keep on contact with friends and family and living in a country that has such an amazing health system which is working tirelessly for us all.

I hope you are all staying safe and well and trying not to put too much pressure on yourself during this time; take every day as it comes and spend it doing whatever you feel like your body and mind needs that day (inside the house of course). I've put together a little edit of some things that we can enjoy indoors including an extensive list of loungewear, whilst shopping is not necessarily top of everyones mind right now I think its really important that we support businesses, big and small, as their survival and the livelihoods of many people rely on our economy being able to pull through this. Don't forget, we're in this together.

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