Vintage Festive Knitwear

 T-Bar Necklace: <a href=‘”><u>Daisy</u></a><br/>Blazer: <a href=""><u>& Other Stories</u></a><br/>
Bag: <a href=""><u>Elleme</u></a>
T-Bar Necklace: Daisy
Blazer: & Other Stories
Bag: Elleme
Hat: <a href = “”><u>Ganni</u></a><br/>
Blazer: <a href=""><u>& Other Stories</u></a><br/>
Jeans: <a href=""><u>Acne Studios</u></a><br/> 
Brogues: <a href=""><u>ATP Atelier</u></a><br/>
Bag: <a href=""><u>Elleme</u></a>
Hat: Ganni
Blazer: & Other Stories
Jeans: Acne Studios
Brogues: ATP Atelier
Bag: Elleme

Often, finding what you're looking for on eBay can be really overwhelming and pretty time consuming. I've had a lot of love and questions about this vintage jumper and thought i'd do a little round-up of some of the other amazing ones available on eBay and the likes to help anyone looking for something similar!

In general, when you're searching for things on eBay, typing in generic terms like 'vintage jumper' or 'vintage knit' can mean travelling through pages and pages of stuff you aren't interested in, as it brings up all sorts of things people may have marked as 'vintage'. A little tip if you're not used to using eBay, is to run a generic search then start drilling down on certain key words. For example, for this jumper I found that all the ones I loved with cute scenes on them were by Orvis or Tulchan so i started adding those key words to my search and found exactly what i was looking for. I also find the 'you may also like' below each listing really useful, especially when something you've found is too expensive or has already sold - there is usually something similar in that section. 

If you're a seasoned eBayer and have any other tips for finding the best stuff, please do drop them in the comments. x

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